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New and outgoing SCBC Board Members

Wednesday, January 20, 2016 9:55 AM | Erika Myers

From former Chair, Liz Kress:

South Carolina's gets some of its distinctive beauty from its forests. I have learned firsthand that forests are a "Use it or lose it" resource. You don't have to ride very far to see trees disappearing to development.  Biomass use can provide a little more income for the landowner so that we can preserve more of this beauty.

Thanks very much to the outgoing Board members, Erika Myers and Dwight Stewart, as well as our other members, who have helped maintain a vision for the SCBC this year. It has been a year of significance in energy policy, and the SCBC was ready to help guide the policy development so that it was right for South Carolina. If each of you saw what I saw this past year, you would realize what a valuable organization this is. 

I also want to welcome our two new board members, Tom French and Crad Jaynes, who each bring additional strengths to the organization and will continue to move forward the mission of the SCBC. We also welcome back Elise Fox who served an abbreviated term and was willing to come back for another full-term. Thank you for the opportunity to serve as Chair. It was a pleasure and an honor.


Liz Kress

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